ADHD may happen more to kids but they also happen to teens and when it is on that stage, it is already more pronounced. Most of the time, it is the parents who will suffer the consequences since the patients are still under their care. Besides, it is not really as if there is pain in this disorder. It would just be like the parents have a burdensome child.

There is no known reasons why ADHD happens. According to some research though, it runs in the blood. But aside from being genetic, factors like environment, changes in brain chemistry, traumatic brain injuries and nutrition are also said to be part of the reasons.

It is not really easy to spot someone with ADHD as though there are so many signs, still they can be mistaken as normally part of the patient’s character. Some of the most notable signs though are inattention which includes getting distracted easily, forgetful, having a hard time learning something new, losing things, and more. Hyperactivity is also part of the symptoms and this includes, restlessness, trying to touch everything around him, having a hard time to stay still, cannot work silently and having a hard time to sleep.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you might be instructed to give him Adderall. This is known to regulate symptoms but of course, this is not a cure. The disorder will just stop or will continue and the medication cannot do anything about it.

Adderall comes with a number of negative side effects that are really bothersome thus you might want to just opt for the natural Adderall alternatives. This way your child will have an easier time dealing with the disorder. Besides, no medicine can cure ADHD in the first place.